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Our Staff

Specialized team in carpentry work
Jose Neto

Mr. Neto has seventeen years of experience as a carpenter. Over the years he has worked in New Jersey, South Carolina, and Massachusetts building new homes, renovating older homes, and repairing homes in several communities. Mr. Neto is a skilled framer and works with siding as well. After several years in the business he now is the proud owner of his own company and prides himself on the quality of the work delivered by his crew.

Cloves Siqueira
(Construction Manager)

Mr. Siqueira has been in the construction industry for the past seventeen years and has great pride for his trade. In Massachusetts alone he has been working in the carpentry trade for ten years with several great references. Mr. Siqueira has also worked in both South Carolina and New Jersey. He not only leads the crew but works with them on site as well. He is a skilled framer with several other skills including siding, roofing, and triming.

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